Uncover darker realms of romance. - Vanessa N. Gilfoy
Darker Realms of Romance

Indulge with romance as dark as the richest chocolate. Dip into realms filled with mouthwatering vampires, tempting elves, and delightful shivers. Vanessa's wounded characters struggle to fill needs that torture all of us. Let them draw you into their charged journeys.

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What better way to spend the nights than with sexy vampires? Enjoy their bites and everything else their immortal bodies offer.

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Healing Wounds - a chillingly sexy vampire novel.
Masquerade of the Cursed King - Her magic arouses him the way no one else can. If only she were anyone else.
Guardian of the Onyx Empire - She's a spell-less elf fleeing her mother's crumbling empire. He's an ex-love slave with secrets he'll share for a price.
Quest into the Forbidden - An elven princess and a human warlord discover something dangerous beneath a waterfall.
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"Ms. Gilfoy has impressive talent for description,
allowing the reader to conjure images, characters,
and scenes with ease."
- Mandy Briggs of Rogues and

"I canít wait to see what characters Ms. Gilfoy spins
- Tammie King of Night Owl Romance.